Our Story

This year saw the creation of Drone Shark Fishing Adventures Perth.

In Europe I used drones for fishing but found that large specimens such a sharks could not be targeted from continental waters. However by a stroke of good fortune I gained my Australian citizenship in 2022 & all this changed. Now a citizen and with a move to Perth, Australia, perthdronefishing.com takes hold 🤞



By setting up Drone Shark Fishing Adventures Perth I want to provide vacation anglers the chance to land the fish of a lifetime and take in the breathtaking beauty of fishing Western Australia’s pristine 2300km coastline.

Drone fishing allows us to target larger specimens, such as sharks and giant rays, by using a drone from the beach.


Big Tackle at Drone Shark Fishing Adventures

Fishing for large tiger sharks comes with it’s challenges and therefore the equipment has to be up to scratch 💪. At Drone Shark Fishing Adventures we take no chances and we use 80 lb class rods with 80 size reels and for the smaller sharks we would use 50 size reels. We prefer to send out baits with multipliers that work far better than fixed spool with less line twist but we have both types if you prefer either. Fixed spool reels typically are 8000 class that have enough drag and line capacity to fight the fish


Big Baits Flown Out All Day Long..

By having the ability to fly out a dedicated Cuta Copter drone (seen below), a specially designed heavy weight fishing drone, we can drop big baits such as whole fish or stingray wings. We catch these large sharks on big baits in the region of 2.5kg.

Drone Shark Fishing Adventures Perth wants to give you a great day out and some great memories. The business is still in inception and we plan to start in 2024 but would be keen to hear your feedback on what would make a great days shark fishing

Thanks Adam