Drone Shark Fishing Adventures

A Warm Welcome to Drone Shark Fishing Adventures Perth!

I have always been a fanatical angler and was fortunate enough to discover drone fishing a few years ago in Europe. So I decided that I wanted to take drone fishing to the next level and target big sharks with flown out baits by drone!

Western Australia has over 2300 kms of beautiful Indian ocean coastline & provides one of the best places in the world to fish from the shore and home to over 100 spieces of shark.

There are not many places in the world where you can beach fish and catch the fish of a lifetime. This is why I set up Drone Shark Fishing Adventures Perth.

By using a drone from the beach gives us the opportunity to target much larger specimens. Big sharks and snapper commonly known as ‘pinkies’ feed on bigger baits dropped into their the feeding zone beyond the surf and wave breaks. Typically the baits are flown out 300/400m into deeper water.


Time strap up & fish!

At Drone Shark Fishing Adventures we aim to provide you a fantastic days fishing with a very unique style of fishing. Drone fishing is during the day and we will pick up at dusk and drive to the beach, about 45 minutes drive from the city.

We provide lunch and soft drinks and your welcome to bring a couple of beers or whatever takes your fancy. Obviously fisherman discretion is advisable 🥺


4*4 beach drive at Drone Shark Fishing Adventures

We use 4×4 land cruisers that are designed to be beach driven and avoids long walks with heavy shark tackle. Shade in very hot weather can be provided.

It’s a great day out and we have the shark belts and fighting gear ready for that take !


If this type fishing is something that might appeal to you then feel free to look at our site and get in touch👍

In the meantime take a look ot our recent blogs and hopefully see you soon.


Cuta Copter 5000 shark fishing drone taking off…

How much will it cost?

We plan to charge $200 for the day. This cost includes pick up and drop off to your hotel, bait, shark tackle, drinks & lunch. Please get in touch if you have any further details.



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