Species You’ll Encounter…

Targeting Sharks

At Drone Shark Fishing Adventures Perth, the sharks we target and the fishing will be incredibly varied. With over 100 different shoreline species and including a number of different sharks & rays it really depends on the day and the conditions. However as with all know with fishing you can’t pick and choose but the most common ones found close to the shores are Bull sharks, Bronze Whaler sharks and Tiger sharks all of which are within distance of a drone. They range going from 1.5m juvenile pup up lo adults in 3-4m category.

Baits We Use

Typically the sharks we target at Drone Shark Fishing Adventures feed close inshore past the breakwater. Baits we use include whole Tailor, Herring & Sting Ray wings droned out close to reefs in open water.

It is fair to say that the much larger specimen sharks we target will take baits in excess of 3kg – typically a large tuna head or stingray tail or whole herring or salmon. Depending on the day and baits available sharks will be targeted but as s general rule of thumb bigger baits attract the bigger fish. As with size so does the tackle beef up and hooks size increases etc to compensate for the larger specimens.

Early Bird Catches The Worm

It is also true that the sharks we target tend to feed actively at dawn & dusk. This is why we try to arrange the trips to start early morning and finish at sunset. During these hours it gives us a fighting chance but sharks are known to feed more prolific at night. We can’t fish at night as drone fishing or using drones are technically illegal. Hook ups that can last hours if it’s a monster or anything as quick as 45 minutes. If the shark runs 1000m you have to contend with its power and the fact you have a lot of winding in to do 😣 🙏