As saltwater fishing continues to captivate enthusiasts around the world, specialized equipment like shark rods play a crucial role in reeling in the impressive creatures that inhabit the depths of the ocean. Penn and Assassin, two leading brands in the fishing industry, have emerged with their remarkable shark rods in the 80lb to 130lb class, combining power, durability, and precision to achieve extraordinary angling experiences. In this article, we will delve into the features, innovations, and performance capabilities of these exceptional rods.

Penn Shark Rods:

Penn has been an industry giant for over 80 years, renowned for producing top-quality fishing gear. Their shark rods in the 80lb to 130lb class continue to live up to this legacy, boasting extraordinary craftsmanship and innovative engineering.

1. Model A

The Model A from Penn’s shark rod lineup is an 80-130lb class rod designed for targeting larger pelagic species, including sharks. Built with heavy-duty graphite composite material, this rod provides maximum strength, yet maintains a lightweight design for comfortable handling. Its ergonomic EVA grips deliver excellent control and reduce fatigue during long battles.

2. Model B

Penn’s Model B stands out as a versatile option within the 80lb to 130lb class. Constructed with a blend of high-strength graphite and carbon fiber, this rod offers exceptional sensitivity and responsiveness without compromising on power. It is engineered to handle the intense pressure exerted by massive sharks, ensuring durability and longevity.

Assassin Shark Rods:

Assassin, a leading South African fishing tackle manufacturer, has earned a reputation for crafting high-performance rods designed for hardcore anglers. Their shark rods in the 80lb to 130lb class showcase their commitment to excellence and innovative design.

1.XTreme Series

The XTreme Series from Assassin boasts a range of shark rods that excel in the 80lb to 130lb class. These rods are constructed using the finest quality graphite blanks, providing outstanding sensitivity while maintaining exceptional pulling power. The use of premium Fuji Alconite guides ensures smooth casting and improved line management.

2. Beach Master Series

Designed for the demanding conditions of surf fishing, Assassin’s Beach Master Series of shark rods offers anglers uncompromising performance. These rods feature a combination of high-modulus carbon graphite and fiberglass, resulting in incredible strength, flexibility, and shock resistance. They are carefully engineered to handle the powerful runs, turns, and dives of shark battles.

Comparative Analysis:

Both Penn and Assassin offer exceptional shark rods in the 80lb to 130lb class, each with a distinct focus on durability and performance. Penn emphasizes lightweight design and comfortable handling, while Assassin focuses on a balance between pulling power and responsiveness.

While Penn’s models are built with heavy-duty graphite composite material, offering strength and reduced fatigue, Assassin’s use of high-quality graphite and carbon fiber strikes a balance between sensitivity and power. This allows anglers to maintain control and feel even the slightest of bites while still having the muscle to tame large sharks.


Choosing the right shark rod is crucial for an unforgettable saltwater angling experience. Penn and Assassin consistently deliver excellence with their shark rods in the 80lb to 130lb class. Penn’s emphasis on lightweight construction and ergonomic grips, combined with Assassin’s focus on the balance between strength and sensitivity, provide anglers with unparalleled performance and durability.

As saltwater fishing enthusiasts continue to challenge themselves in the pursuit of formidable shark species, these rods will undoubtedly play an instrumental role in their ongoing quest for adventure and the thrill of the catch. Whether you opt for the craftsmanship of Penn or the innovation of Assassin, these shark rods will ensure an elevated fishing experience that leaves lasting memories.

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